Language course German

If you have no or just a little command of German, you be enrolled in a “German for Beginners” initially. After these first steps you will be offered advanced courses in German on various subsequent levels one after another of the required state-recognized Test of German as a Foreign Language (TesTDaF). The TestDaF is offered for all levels of command of German between A1 and C1/C2 levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The language course ‘German’ comprises subjects to acquire the language German totaling on average 25 - 30 lessons per week.


Duration of Language course

  Duration: Registration-deadline:
Language course ‘German’ - if necessary

5 months
(october to february of the subsequent year)

1st of september



The expenses of the course amount to:

  • Language course ”German“(one-off payment) 1.540,- €
  • Teaching materials language course ”German“
    (one-off payment) (e.g. dictionary, textbooks, etc.) approx. 80,- €



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